Natal Report for gabi

Oct 6, 1978, 19:06 CET

Fulda, (50N33, 9E41)

Interpretation text by Henry Seltzer

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Your natal horoscope, or birth chart, is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment you were born. It shows what the sky actually looked like at the time and place of your birth. Astrology in modern times has renewed the ancient discovery that the symbolism of the planets that surrounded you at birth describes your character and personality. Planets that were directly overhead at the time and place of your birth are most important, and would appear at the very top of the chart or the Midheaven. Planets that were just rising above the horizon in the East at the time of your birth would appear near the horizontal line at the left hand side of the chart or the Ascendant. If the Sun appears in the top half of the chart, then you were born during daylight hours and have a more outer directed personality. All of these features reflect the factors at play in the Universe at the moment of your birth and are significant indications of the basic qualities and tendencies that continue to make up your personality.

Each planet's relative position in the sky and significant angles that it makes to the other planets, or aspects, are examined in this report. Please keep in mind that you are not limited by these descriptions. Your natal horoscope does not prescribe your fate. The stars incline, they do not compel. Your birth chart shows potentials that you can either struggle to fulfill or deny. The choice is yours. Beneficial aspects, or planetary positions, are areas of life in which you show natural talent and achieve easy success. Challenging aspects, or planetary positions, can become your greatest asset if you can learn to be aware of how that dynamic plays out in your life and the world at large. The strongest and most important features of your chart are described first. For definitions of astrological terms, please refer to the glossary at the end of this report.

Chart Patterns

Bowl, leading planet Jupiter

Since your planets fall within half of the available chart space, in the planetary pattern called the 'bowl' shape, the hemisphere in which they are located tends to be your strong suit. You may also notice a focus on achievement in the unoccupied area of your chart, where innate talent may be lacking. You may feel a need to fill this space, perhaps focusing on the mid-point of the empty hemisphere. In the use of your talents, as represented by the occupied side of your chart, the planet that is the leader of the bowl shape symbolizes energies you utilize in achieving your purpose.

Jupiter in the Fourth House (or sign) gives you a loving, kind and caring personality, very friendly and sociable, generous and high-minded. You have an instinct for nurturing others, and find enjoyment as well as opportunity in this type of tribal sharing. You have an inherent spirituality, which is thus displayed not in philosophy, but in acts of love and generous giving of yourself. You work well with the public, and are likely to be popular with your entire circle, and tend to attract material rewards without seeming to try for them. You possess a natural sense of security based on what was perceived as a happy childhood. You have an inclination toward the poetical and mystical or the marvelous side of life.

Jupiter in Leo (or the fifth house) gives you a generous personality with good vitality. You have dignity, pride and dramatic presence, and are courageous in your sense of self. You are likely to be a loyal companion. You possess excellent executive abilities. You like to show off your good side, and have a natural flair and sense of showmanship that carries you far in life. You enjoy the limelight, and would always rather shine out on a hillside than hide your light under a barrel. You are attracted to higher learning, and the fine arts, including the theater, and may try your hand at acting. You can also be extravagant at times, or suffer from errors in judgment. You may tend to overdo, and need to beware of egotism. You have good intuition; you make a capable leader when you follow your own inner guidelines.

T-Square, focal planet Jupiter

You have a T-Square in your chart. With this planetary aspect pattern, in which three planets or conjunctions are in square with one another, you have a high degree of motivation and drive. Your energies are most easily and habitually expressed by the energy of the focal point, the middle of the T-Square. You may also compensate for overdoing in the area of life represented by the focal point, by leaning toward the empty pattern element opposite the focal point, seeking to balance your activity. The lesson of this planetary aspect pattern is in learning to use your considerable energy wisely in the pursuit of your true goals. There is great tension represented by the focal planet or planets in your chart, where conflicting parts of your personality attain their focus and peak of energy, and you may observe compulsive behavior in the area of life represented here.

Yod, focal planet Chiron

You have a Yod planetary aspect pattern in your chart, also known as the 'finger of God'. This pattern consists of two different planets forming inconjunct aspects of 150` to a third, or focal, point. Usually there will be a marked emphasis on the area of life represented by this focal point, which may be one planet, or two or more in conjunction. You may have physical or psychological problems associated with the expression of the energies of the focal planet or planets, creating a subtle form of tension in your life. The key is adjustment. Your lesson is to transform the expression of these energies along more positive lines.

Chiron in the Twelfth House (or sign) represents issues with one's vital force to be at home in the world of physical manifestation. You may feel frustrated and alienated from rest of mankind, or more at home in a world of fantasy than in dealing with what is laughably called "the real world". You have a talent for that which is beyond this world, and can make your mark on it in your own particular fashion, which may perhaps be achieved in the worlds of music, or poetry, or as a seeker for higher truth. But these are ways of being in the world without actually participating in it. Possibly there were painful episodes from early childhood that drove you into a world of your own, but you have come to be quite at home in this world, and the issue for you is coming out with style and dignity, rather than by totally abandoning your inner cosmos. Again and again, you attempt to be a part of it all, just like everyone else, and again and again it just doesn't quite work. There may be many painful episodes before you realize that what is "for everyone" out there is just not for you at all. You may do work with other people, in helping them to be peaceful and comfortable in connecting their own lives to a higher truth, without ever really getting it yourself. Of course one is tempted to blame oneself for this sort of failure to connect. There are deep emotions associated with withdrawal from the world that must be examined if you are to begin to operate from a feeling of wholeness and truly make your own way. There is a part of yourself that has been carefully hidden away, defended from the pressures of consensus reality, and it may take a lot of work to get in touch with these dark places. It may be that you come to a sense of peace with your darker, more hidden self only after a long period of soul-searching. When you begin to make your way on this process of integration, then you find that there really is a way to be a part of the world at large, to participate and share in its wonders and its disasters too, without giving anything up. It is not easy to make this transformation, but it is vital to your emotional health and well-being, and makes it possible for you to reach out to others as well, who may be fumbling towards a similar apotheosis.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Chiron in Taurus (or the Second House) represents issues with one's vital force to attain sustenance and possess resources. With this placement of Chiron you are challenged by physical resources, or perhaps spiritual resources, because the physical often reflects the spiritual. You may be one who has seen everything taken away at one time or another, or you may have risen above challenging circumstances materially to a better economic standard than your upbringing conditioned you to expect. Either way, you may demonstrate a painful attitude toward material well-being. Perhaps you have a fear of possessions dominating your life. Where others are able to count on their resources, either materially, or physically, or within their own psyche, and trust that they will have whatever it is that they need, you always find yourself suspicious that it will not last. Even if what you have is more than adequate by some standards, it seems somehow not enough to satisfy you. You may dream of giving everything up, and moving to the country. These feelings may also spill over into deep issues regarding your core values, that which defines you in terms of what you choose to support and give credence to in the world. You may feel at sea in this area, and not on stable ground, and perhaps be envious of other people who seem more sure of what they do and don't find attractive. These ambivalent feelings toward material possessions and your values may find their roots in experiences from early childhood, in which you were criticized or otherwise had painful experiences around what you wanted for yourself, independently from the expectations of your parents or other significant formative persons in your early life. Sometimes these issues are so painful that it is easier not to deal with them directly, and you may find that working with other people's material security becomes a focus of your professional life. In this way, you can work on your issues in safety, rather than confront potentially painful realizations buried in the depths of your psyche. But getting more in touch with these deep and partially repressed feelings is of ultimate importance for you, as your consciousness evolves. When you have confronted those parts of yourself that are painful and scary, and begun to integrate the feelings that you have buried away, you are more in charge of your own ship and the course you take through life, and are better able to help others with their issues as well.

Important Features

Venus in Scorpio, in the Sixth House

Venus in Scorpio gives a fervent and intense love nature that has the possibly of being obsessive or self-involved at times. This placement may prove difficult for you, because the intense passions of Scorpio can be more than the milder love energy of Venus is ready for. You are sensual and passionate in relationship, and tend to relate to even casual contacts on a deeper and more personal level. For you, there is no such thing as a superficial contact with others. You also may feel a basic relationship insecurity that drives you to be possessive or even jealous at times. You may appear friendly on the surface while acting selfishly at another more hidden level of your personality. You benefit from curbing the obsessive expression of your will. Your challenge is the transformation of your deep and all consuming passion into a more open and caring relationship energy.

Venus in the Sixth House represents a strong heart connection to service and a capacity to make a dance out of your attendance to the details of everyday life. You may feel somewhat restricted in the expression of your passion. You have a tendency toward fastidiousness, and perfectionism, and may seek the perfect mate rather than allowing yourself to be satisfied. On the other hand, you are likely to blossom in the process of service to others. You take delight from everyday things, and are not overly concerned with the grand statement. You could also be a detail artist. You have a talent for design wherein beauty and functionality combine. You also have an inherent love of the health and perfection of the physical body, and may feel a calling to do energy work for yourself or with other people. You are well aware that the road to your higher purpose starts with the simple steps inherent in the ordinary joys of daily life.

Uranus in Scorpio, in the Sixth House

Uranus in the Sixth House (or sign) gives an individual with a clever and enthusiastic mind, original in thought and action and not comfortable with routine. You are likely to have a scientific and analytical mentality. You can also be impatient with others, or lacking in sympathy for their concerns. You like to change jobs, and you are a hard worker, if allowed the freedom to work as you feel motivated. You may have to struggle with organizational elements at the expense of performance. You may also have health problems, since the Uranian energy is fitful in its application. You may experience difficulty with keeping things in order, but this can be overcome through persistence. You are likely to be interested in new-age healing techniques. You are on an important path of self-realization in this life, corresponding to your own unique vision, and will not be satisfied with anyone else's idea of what it is that you need to accomplish for yourself. You benefit from drawing out your original creative impulse into more long-lasting and concrete projects through concentration and technique.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Uranus in Scorpio (or the eighth house) gives an individual who is willful and possesses great depth of passion. You have a keen intuition and immense power to transform yourself and your personal relationships as you evolve. You may be fascinated with sexuality, or issues of death and rebirth, and you can also be quite psychic. The search for depth connection with the divine in you and in others is intriguing and you may delve deeply into occult studies. You are likely to have an unconventional approach where sexual matters are concerned. You may also be challenged in interpersonal relationships. You may experience loss throughout your life due to the sudden departure or unexpected death of a loved one. Such trials can serve a deeper purpose in your life, since transformation is a necessary step for you in the area of intimacy. The application of will and the ability to look inside yourself for your own unique answers may bring about a better understanding of the deeper relations between self and other.

Neptune in Sagittarius, in the Seventh House

Neptune in the Seventh House (or sign) gives a charming, generous and idealistic personality. You are apt to have an intense love of beauty and the arts, especially music and painting. You are imaginative and visionary. You may feel a sense of obligation to other people and can give a great deal without expecting anything in return. You dream of finding the perfect partner, but you may encounter difficulties in making that dream a reality. There can be emotional confusion, leading you to depend too much on the strength of another person. You may unconsciously seek a partner with dependency issues, like drug or alcohol or fantasy addiction, as a mirror for your own inner lack of clarity. You also may seek in your partner a sense of rising above the merely mundane, which can be very appealing to you. There are likely to be karmic lessons for you in regard to partnership and marriage. Making an effort to pull back from too much self-sacrifice can bring greater clarity to relationships, which can be of benefit to all concerned.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Neptune in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives an impressionable, idealistic and very intuitive personality. You are inclined to the mystical, and are high-minded, seeing life in terms of visionary and poetic feelings rather than in practical terms. You are capable of great belief in the unknown and unproven. You are inclined to scholarly pursuits, but may feel a lack of motivation or vagueness with respect to educational goals. You also have a strong desire to explore and travel, to try novel ideas and experiment with new ways of doing things. You may be attracted to spiritual studies, or psychedelics, as a way to achieve a transcendent state of mystical union with all creation. Your challenge lies in relying on your considerable inner vision to unfold your own unique pathway, to make concrete and real your flights of consciousness to other realms, and bring this vision back with you into society at large.

Sun, Moon, Rising Sign Features

Taurus Rising

The Rising Sign is the mask shown to others, also the physical appearance.

People with Taurus rising are fond of the pleasures of life. You crave the security and comfort of relaxing in the warmth of your home environment. You will also will work hard to make your home an attractive one. Your ruling planet is Venus, and you value pleasure and material things. You also have the makings of a healer. Although you are quiet on the surface, almost passive, you are possessed of a powerful will, and can be quite stubborn at times. You will not let go of a project that you have put your heart into, and can breathe new life into almost lost causes. On the other hand, you can be perhaps too rigid in your thinking. You are obedient, loyal and kind. Material rewards seem to come easily to you, and you usually lead the good life without being excessively concerned about it. You are practical, and you provide a purposeful, productive and stabilizing influence for yourself and society.

Venus in strong opposition with Ascendant
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

This aspect gives a warm-hearted, affectionate and perhaps manipulative personality. You are cheerful, charming and likable. You are sensitive, with an inclination for artistic pursuits and refined surroundings, and you may possess considerable talent for the arts, especially music and dance. Relationships are important to you. You are inclined to reach out to other people, and may work even harder to charm them when they do not respond as you wish. You are firmly in contact with what you want and you are likely to be quite successful at getting it. With your poise and charm, this is usually not difficult for you.

Uranus in weak opposition with Ascendant
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

This aspect gives an eccentric and strong-willed individual. You are an original and independent thinker with an active, scientific mind, futuristic in outlook, and you are capable of bringing new ideas into being. You are inclined to be reckless, and periodically start over in your life, completely eliminating previous foundations. Because you are unpredictable at times, it can be hard for others to be comfortable with you. You are inclined to be nervous and impatient, or to shy away from commitment and responsibility. You can be determined to get your own way, and love freedom from conventionality. You are likely to rebel against the norm, or conflict with others in this area. You can benefit from trying to control your energetic and visionary impulses in order to make these more concretely available in your own life, and in the life of society around you.

Sun in Libra, in the Sixth House

The Sun represents your will and purpose, your sense of vitality, and your evolving higher Self. In Libra it is Cardinal-Air and rules the kidneys. Your ruling planet is Venus. Libra is the sign of harmony and relationship. The Sun in Libra is at the time of the Equinox, when day equals night, and similarly Libra strives for balance between polarities. Librans are known for their good taste, elegance and charm. You are a seeker of harmony and beauty. Your natural mode of living is in partnership with others. Intimate relationships are quite important to you, as are issues of social justice. You forever hope that all parties in a conflict will be satisfied, and you have a tendency to understand and support both sides of a dispute, which can drive your friends crazy unless they are smart enough to value the mediation you naturally provide. You will go out of your way to avoid a quarrel, and you may have a hard time making a decision. Artistic pursuits of all kinds provide an outlet for your love of beauty. You benefit from strengthening your will to act in favor of your higher purpose, which rather than making any one individual all important, ultimately lies in dedicating yourself to humanity at large.

The Sun in the Sixth House represents a concentration of one's vital force of improving and organizing more holistic ways to serve self and others. You are drawn to serve others. You consider your work as an important connection with maintaining a relationship with the non-organic realities of this world. You have a finely articulated sense of detail, and you also tend to be quite aware of your own natural boundaries and personal limitations, your flaws and imperfections. You constantly assess your priorities and capabilities and you use discretion in your process of decision-making. You strive for perfection in your health, body and mind. You understand that you must clarify your relationship to that which connects you to reality in a way that corresponds to your highest purpose for yourself, because you intuit that the parts work together to make a whole: the more you perfect the parts, the more harmonious the whole operates both within and without. You can alternate between overachieving due to stressing yourself with too much self-reflected criticism and, on the other hand, giving up altogether when you feel the pressure of limitation holding you back. You benefit when you tune in to your true intentions for yourself at the highest level, and give yourself the freedom to move between the extremes of your inner process in order to be flexible with yourself and with others around you.

Sun in strong sextile with Neptune
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

This aspect gives a highly sensitive, visionary and creative individual. You are somewhat unworldly, and you are likely to be artistic or musical. You may be open to mysticism or the exploration of other dimensions through psychic perceptions. You are the softhearted type, and may be even too willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. Extremely aware of your surroundings, you may take on different qualities with different groups of people, or there could be difficulties with your motivation. Once these difficulties are overcome, tremendous creativity is possible, perhaps through artistic channels: music, drama, or poetry. You may also find your life's calling in the helping professions, for your compassion is strong. Your aim is to achieve a balance between the spiritual dimension of reality and ordinary life.

Sun in sextile with Moon
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

This aspect gives a well-adjusted and stable personality. You proceed with confidence and a sense of well-being to accomplish what you set out to do. You are likely to be healthy, optimistic and popular, and look upon life's problems as challenges to be overcome, rather than as obstacles. You have experienced your parents as harmoniously related, and in your own relationships you expect sound communication and mutual understanding. Your family is important to you. You are poised and cheerful, and your creativity flows freely. It benefits you to overcome complacent or lazy thinking and to rise to the challenge of tackling any problem areas in your life.

Sun in conjunction with Mercury
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives a person who values mental pursuits highly. Your logical and communicative abilities are excellent. You are quick-witted and glib, and can also be nervous and high-strung, or perhaps stubborn and difficult to shake from your opinions. You are an independent thinker with your own way of looking at things, and may be inspired and even visionary in your outlook. Although you value your mind, when the Sun and Mercury are quite close to each other, within a degree or so, you may be more inclined to take a broad view of life's activities and not consider things from a strictly mental orientation.

Sun in conjunction with Pluto
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives a willful personality with a focus on being recognized and admired. You like to get your way; you have strong desires, and are single-minded about pursuing them. You also have a powerful urge toward self-transformation, and you may go through many changes in your life. You are not shy about expressing your beliefs, and you may even feel a compulsion toward self-assertion or self-aggrandizement. You also tend to champion the underdog, and react strongly to social injustice. In relationships, you tend to become intensely involved quickly, and stay absorbed in the relationship as long as it lasts. There may be underlying feelings of insecurity leading to your rather self-centered and ego oriented behavior. These feelings must be explored more consciously, or else they will continue to haunt you from beneath your level of awareness. Such an exploration can be incredibly rewarding for you, and should be quite possible, for you have tremendous powers of regeneration and rebirth. When you learn to train your considerable energy on these socially oriented as well as personal goals, you can become a focal point for the transformation of society itself.

Sun in inconjunct with Chiron
The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.

With this aspect between Sun and Chiron you are likely to experience painful realizations throughout your own life and also have the ability to heal others as well. Chiron is called "the wounded healer" because it represents the archetype of imperfection and loss which when integrated leads to compassion and understanding of others' suffering. The empathy and the understanding that are gained through life's trials provide the ability to serve as a helper and a healer for others. You are more invested in this archetype than most, since it is in a powerful connection with your Sun, representing your conscious self. You have undoubtedly experienced pain and frustration related to your self-concept, perhaps through your relationship with your father or the same-sex parent. There could have been trauma in your early years concerning your parenting or the parental protection that may have been withdrawn too suddenly or misapplied. You may have suffered actual abuse in childhood or perhaps in later years such as in the period of adolescence, when you needed to make the transition to your own adulthood and may have been prevented from fully emerging into a more responsible and complete state due to external circumstances or your own lack or self-confidence. Since you have come through the fires of difficulty you are likely to be someone with career possibilities in the helping professions. It is often easier to face others' troubles than one's own, and you may even be more ready and available to help others than to help yourself. It is good to integrate your past experiences, no matter how painful they may have been, and no matter how painful these feelings continue to be for you in adult life. Then you will be in a position to truly sympathize with others' suffering and help them to work out their traumas as well.

Moon in Sagittarius, in the Seventh House

The moon in Sagittarius gives an uninhibited, freedom-loving personality which may incline to the restless. You are very idealistic, and see the best side of everyone. You are happy and fun to be around. You are also apt to be impatient. You tend to react to situations with action rather than with reflection. You can also be unrealistic in your approach to situations. You should learn to temper your idealism with reality in setting out to achieve your high aspirations.

The Moon in the Seventh House represents an emotional sensitivity in the area of interpersonal relationships. You are likely to be very social and may be quite popular. You feel comfort and harmony when you are in some form of intimate partnership with others who reflect your emotions back to you. You are very aware of how others affect you as an emotional being. You become more aware of yourself when you perceive your effects on those intimately close to you. You can easily become emotionally dependent on other people. You may attract a sensitive and moody partner who you can nurture. You may find yourself engaged in an emotional balancing act between yourself and another. You may have a difficult time perceiving yourself as a separate or unique individual outside your intimate relationships. It is important for you to learn how to value your own emotional needs, wants, and desires independent of the partnership energy which you connect to habitually.

Moon in strong square with Saturn
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You may appear to be rigid, rather letting your emotions flow freely. This aspect gives a deepening and concentrating, or a blockage in the expression of your feelings. You may be extremely sensitive. You may have had problems with the parental care and guidance you received as a child, or you may be fixated on one parent, especially your mother. There may be a sense of over-identification with mother, or possibly an unconscious rejection of her influence. You may have experienced her as rejecting or uncaring -- and this attitude may spill over to the significant women in your life. You may experience difficulties in your relationship to the feminine. In a woman's chart there could be a need to more fully identify with and bring into focus a concept of your own femininity. In a man's chart you may be in relationship to powerful feminine figures, symbolic of the powerful feelings that are denied full expression in your own nature. The lesson for you here is to more fully and deeply understand and value the true roots of your being, leading to a better sense of security and greater self-acceptance.

Moon in trine with Jupiter
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

This aspect gives an idealistic and humanitarian personality, friendly and sociable, with an inherent spirituality. You are loving and caring and are also strong in character, with a keen sense of right and wrong. You are fortunate in finances, and attract material rewards without seeming to try for them. You are honorable and dependable in your dealings with your fellow man, and work well with the public. There may be an inclination toward the mystical side of life.

Moon in inconjunct with Chiron
The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.

With this aspect there are difficulties indicated in relating to the feminine - either significant female presences in your life or else and including your own feminine side. This would be true, and different in its sense, in either a man's or a woman's chart. Of course the important early model for the feminine is mother, and it is likely that there were painful experiences of some kind in your early relationship with your own mother or significant female parental figure. Perhaps you had a close relationship, but yet your needs were somehow not met, resulting in unconscious resentments which only surfaced later in your adult life. You may in this case exhibit a strong feminine side through and over-attachment to your mother's feelings. It is important to note that there also may have been actual abuse, physical or otherwise. These experiences are so painful that they are often suppressed from your consciousness, and buried deep in your psyche. In your adult life, it is important to move past the resentment caused by early wounding into a more conscious and compassionate reconciliation with the walled off parts of your own nature. Therefore, deep psychological work of some variety is strongly indicated. Once you have begun to make conscious the pain and alienation surrounding events from the long-buried past, you can begin to truly help others as well as yourself. A creative side of your nature may emerge for the first time. The integration of the feminine side of your nature is a tremendous challenge for you, but the gold at the end of the process is well worth digging for.

Venus in sextile with Midheaven
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

This aspect gives a caring and aesthetically motivated personality. You are friendly and social, and consistently strive for harmony in your dealings with other people. With the beauty and grace of Venus affecting your public life, you are ideally suited for a career in diplomacy or the arts, or some other elegant and graceful profession, such as interior decorating. You work well with others, and do better to establish yourself in a business partnership rather than being employed on your own.

Other Natal Planets

Mercury in Libra, in the Sixth House

Mercury in Libra gives a positive mental attitude, with terrific judgment and sensitivity. You are a diplomatic speaker, and usually very aware of the effect your words have on others. You express your ideas with balance and fairness. Your capacity to see all sides of a situation can make it difficult for you to come to a decision. You have a highly developed sense of aesthetics. You can also be something of a perfectionist. You want your surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing, and therefore your living space must be neat and tidy. It benefits you to let go of being too fussy, and to stay true to yourself when you need to make decisions.

Mercury in the Sixth House represents a strong connection between your inner awareness and the day-to-day world of health and sickness, and of service to others. You tend to be very aware of health issues that come up for you. You have a humble attitude toward life, and enjoy being of service to other people in the course of simple and everyday activity. You have an analytical and practical mentality, so that other people find you dependable and know that they can rely on your thought process. You may have a strong intuition that the root of any discomfort or disease may be traced to the power of the mind itself, that your thoughts can affect how you feel physically. You also can be something of a perfectionist. Your attention to detail may prevent you from focusing on the larger picture, or you may find yourself speaking critically about people or situations that do not measure up to your standards. You are at your best when, rather than being overly concerned about relatively minor issues, you relax into your awareness of yourself and share this awareness with others.

Mars in Scorpio, in the Sixth House

Mars in the Sixth House (or sign) gives a kind nature, and an energetic worker, with a tendency to be fussy over details. You possess a tremendous desire to be helpful to others, and have a practical and hard-working orientation that assists you in making good on your intentions. You may however need to evolve through getting into conflicts over trifles. At your best, you have a real focus on the simple issues of life, and of the health of the body temple, and just showing up for what comes, day-to-day, that is essentially good natured and constructive rather than egooriented. You tend to be somewhat narrow in the application of your effort, and may need to learn to learn to start opening up to the bigger picture. It benefits you to take a more relaxed attitude and a wider and more tolerant worldview, rather than getting hung up on the minutiae of a project.

Mars in Scorpio (or the eighth house) gives a passionate and intense personality, proud, strongwilled and stubborn. Your sexual nature is very important to you. You feel the instinctive level of your being powerfully, and you are quite sure of yourself. You have a noticeable presence and a strong influence on those around you, and like to get your own way. You also enjoy giving the gift of your affection, and partnership sharing is an important mode of activity for you. Your urge for personal security is strong. If Mars is afflicted by planetary aspect, you are likely to be quarrelsome and self-indulgent. When you begin to engage with the higher levels of your consciousness, you have the capacity to be a great healer. In any case, you benefit when you cultivate selfdiscipline, and strive for objective over selfish motivations.

Saturn in Virgo, in the Fifth House

Saturn in the Fifth House (or sign) gives a deepening and concentration, or a blockage, in the capacity for self-expression. There may seem to be a barrier between you and your self-realization, so that your true feelings are denied outlet. Expressing yourself is very important to you, and if you believe yourself to be inadequate in this area, you may feel that you have to try all the harder for recognition. You are likely to be strong-willed and autocratic, and can also appear selfish, or cautious and reserved. Your heart-center may need developing. There may be a sense of a lack of love in your life, and a subconscious desire for acceptance that manifests as rigidity, doubt and insecurity. You may even develop a physical ailment that prevents total participation in life activities. Your lesson is to make contact with your own inner significance by deepening and particularizing the knowledge of who you really are, to discover your true self, and learn to love the person you uncover in the process.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Saturn in Virgo (or the sixth house) gives an orderly and analytic mind and a deepening and concentrating, or blockage, with regard to your ability to discriminate and think critically. You are serious-minded and make an excellent worker, perhaps in a subordinate capacity. You do not shrink from hard work, and are capable of putting extra effort into completing a task you have set for yourself. You are good at handling details, but you may have tendency to worry over inconsequentials or display an irritable disposition. You need to lighten up. You may experience difficulties in life due to being overly critical, and there is also danger of nervous disorder with this position of Saturn. You may tend to be overly concerned about details of your outer life as a way of compensating for a lack of organization inwardly, and an inner anxiety over physical or mental disintegration. Your lesson is to strive to bring your inner and outer life into harmony by conscious effort in your search for the Self and its movement toward wholeness and integration.

Pluto in Libra, in the Sixth House

Pluto in the Sixth House (or sign) gives you an intense desire to be of service in the world. This desire can take the form of a compulsion to help others in a way that may not truly be appreciated by the intended beneficiaries. You are slightly obsessed with finding the purity inherent in human activity, and may well be a champion of the environmental movement, or exert yourself strenuously in your job or home setting. You may also become intensely concerned and perhaps even chronically worried over health issues, or you may be apt to stress over organizational detail where the intention is to purify the function of the particular activity, but where attending to the details can become an end in itself. You may go through many profound changes of attitude in these areas, in order to learn how to be of actual service to yourself and others. Creative outlets for your passion might be found in the helping professions, or in working on your own issues in such a way as to regenerate your values and life direction. When you have transformed in these areas you can become a beacon for others to follow. By staying true to your own inner guidance system, you make it possible for others to also, and further the cause of a more self-aware and wisely functioning planetary society.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Pluto in Libra (or the seventh house) gives you a focus on forming close emotional attachments. You may have difficulties in marriage and partnerships; but there are also great rewards to be gained in this area. You may feel a compulsion to be liked by others. Conversely, you can also become involved in power struggles with partners. You have a depth of passion within you that isn't obvious or recognized, and you may seek to project this power drive onto a relationship partner, rather than directly own up to it. You may therefore find yourself in relationship with dark or manipulative personality types, who may exhibit openly the tendencies you have yourself at a more hidden level. You are likely to go through many changes in your relationship dynamic, as you come to understand more fully your inner process. You may exhibit strong attractions toward close involvement with another person, and simultaneously have fears regarding such attachments. Time and moving through the fires of difficulties may lead you to a painful re-examination of your goals in these areas. Wisdom is required in the handling of close relationships in order to transform the partnership energy into a growing and conscious act of sharing, and to find your own inner strength independent of others around you.

N Node in Virgo, in the Sixth House

The following paragraph emphasized:

Lunar North Node in Virgo (or the sixth house). South Node in the twelfth house or sign. This placement gives a personality with a great desire to be of service to other people. In the past, or in past lives, you were dreamy and unfocused, and paid little attention to detail. You were in the process of connecting to your higher self, journeying back into the cosmic realms within your own mind. Now your focus must shift to the details of daily life, in a constant effort to improve self, to serve self and others, and to remain alert to the myriad mundane details of life that do not leave much time for day dreaming. This is a difficult transition to make, but necessary if you are to fulfill your destiny, this time around. As your life unfolds, you may find that issues of health may come up for you, in order for you to work through them. You may possibly be called to care for another whose illness will be a test of your patience and your commitment to service. Since you feel a close kinship to the spiritual world, dealing with every-day details sometimes may seem boring and unsatisfying. As you work through these challenges, though, you come closer and closer to an understanding of how dealing with everyday issues really does connect you with the world of Spirit, still operating at the core of your being.

Other Aspects

Mercury in strong sextile with Neptune
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

This aspect gives a clever and imaginative personality with subtle charm. You are visionary and poetic, and quite possibly possess great personal magnetism. You are likely to be an inspired thinker, and may excel in literary accomplishments, especially poetry or fantasy, or perhaps in the visual arts. With a strong connection between your conscious and unconscious mind, you think in terms of symbols rather than logical connections. You are fond of education, but you may miss out on serious study because of your dreaminess and lack of focus. Your imagination is strong, almost to the point of deception; you may tend to confuse illusions with reality, or over-glamorize the object of your ideals. You can profit from learning greater discrimination in your thought process, which will allow you to reap the full benefit and inspiration of your marvelous gift.

Mercury in strong conjunction with Pluto
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives a sharp and penetrating mind, together with unusually clear and direct communication skills. You are likely to be quite interested in the occult, or other hidden and potentially taboo areas of thought. As a matter of fact, you tend to see into the deeper aspects of any subject matter that you might single out for study, and are able to discourse forcefully upon it. You may however become so focused on the emotional charge with which you hold these ideas that you lose a certain sense of perspective regarding them. In other words, you can be compulsively attached to your communication or the results of your mental process, so that there is a danger that you may feel yourself to be correct in what you say, in spite of what others may think. You might also need to be aware of a tendency to be manipulative in your dealings with other people, since you have a forceful will in association with your powers of speech and communication. You can be a great source of inspiration when you use your powers of insight and expression responsibly, enabling you to share your gift with humanity.

Saturn in strong trine with Chiron
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

With this aspect, you may have a tendency be rigid or stuck in situations; unbending. You have an attachment and also great difficulty with authority. You may have suffered through potentially painful experiences as a child, when you were forced to submit to an arbitrary authority or limitation of some kind. The relationship with your father may have been damaged in some way; perhaps it was a relationship you had to get away from, either from his overbearing nature or from his neediness and lack of presence. With this aspect, you need to make your own form of personal authority, independent from the parental influences or that of society. This gives you the potential for great strength and leadership, if you can integrate your powerful and perhaps repressed emotions regarding your concept of authority. In this way you can become an exemplar for others. You may be one to rework the structure of society itself in some way, or to become an advisor or even a leader in the social sphere; perhaps in connection with organizations devoted to new age healing techniques.

Neptune in strong sextile with Pluto
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

This combination gives an individual with a personal involvement in the energies of the collective. This is a generational aspect, which many of your contemporaries will share with you. You have a subtle intuition and unusually clear insight into others. The influence of the unconscious is especially strong in you. You need to connect with your higher self in order to be happy. You function at your best in service to the world, helping to move it closer to a vision of spiritual union between all mankind.

Mars in sextile with Saturn
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

You tend to be reserved and to desire to better yourself. This aspect gives a deepening and concentration in the area of self-confidence and self-expression. The purposeful articulation of your will may be inhibited by subconscious fears, but this can be overcome. You have unusually good reasoning power, and your will is controlled and well organized. Your lesson is in striving to overcome your fears of self-expression, and thus come to a better understanding of yourself and others.

Mars in conjunction with Uranus
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives an individual with an original and eccentric mind, whose intuition is strong. You are a strong-willed nonconformist, and totally have your own code of ethics. You are energetic and visionary in your outlook. You may be rebellious at times, or display fits of temper. You can be quite rash and impulsive. You are also restless and may lack steadiness in the pursuit of your goals. You may feel a sense of isolation, and can appear emotionally insensitive at times, seemingly more excited by ideas than by other people. Your basis for action derives from a sense of high ideals, rather than from mere egotism. You also could beware, however, of a tendency to be dogmatic, or proud and unbending. Change and variety excite you, and your mutability and urge for constant change can frustrate or confuse those around you. In essence, you are a courageous and pioneering free spirit, whose mission in life is to bring new ideas into being. You can benefit from bringing more consciousness and clarity to the expression of your goals in life.

Mars in opposition with Chiron
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

With this aspect you have issues around expressing anger, as well as exerting personal will versus knuckling under to authority. You have enormous energy and endurance at your disposal, although you may appear timid or unsure of yourself, since your power urge is likely to be repressed. It may be that you have had many painful experiences with violence, or potential violence, on the part of someone close to you, perhaps in your early childhood. As a result of these experiences, you may fear the power of your own anger, and seek to placate your opponent in situations where a direct confrontation seems to be brewing. This aspect is the hallmark of a "passive-aggressive" attitude, in which there is hidden aggression under-expressed, rather than any form of direct attack. In fact, it is said that those with this aspect are often very good at eliciting angry behavior from others, while their own hands stay clean. This is because those people you come into close contact with may become the projection point for your own hidden violent feelings that you are failing to directly express yourself. It is often the case that the powerful emotions associated with this aspect hover below the level of conscious awareness in your psyche. As you become more aware of these patterns, you will less and less need to act them out either suppressed with passivity, or with bluster. Another manifestation of this aspect, perhaps paradoxically, is the ability to lead and be willful, to not take "no for an answer", to be ruthless in accomplishing one's aims. The willful energy of Mars is given a creative boost by Chiron, both in terms of suffering and in a better-integrated personality, in terms of conquest. A still better level of integration produces the self-assured and powerful personality who does not depend on others either to express his or her own desires, nor to be crushed by them.

Jupiter in square with Chiron
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

With this placement you have a strong connection with spirituality and a great tendency to go your own way rather than subserve yourself to the spiritual ideals of human consciousness. You also may have been wounded in your spirituality in some way; perhaps in your early life you were forced into relationship with some sort of spiritual community to which you did not feel a connection. These two planetary energies, Jupiter and Chiron, both have a strong spiritual component, but operate in different ways. With Jupiter's optimism in support of Chiron's tendency for pain and suffering as a way toward the light, you are always able to rise above distressing circumstances, buoyed up by a strong streak of faith in the ultimate beneficence of Spirit. In fact, positive outlooks can become something of an obsession with you, so that friends and associates get tired of your unflagging optimism even though you are such a helpful companion. You have an abiding interest in matters of the religion and philosophy, although this is likely to represent your own style of spiritual involvement rather than any standard form of spiritual institutions.

Sun in weak square with Midheaven
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This aspect gives a strong personality, very involved in work and career. You can be autocratic and may appear selfish, or bent on getting your own way. You have tremendous drive, and will likely go far, but you might need to beware of too much ego-involvement in being on top.

Moon in weak conjunction with Neptune
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives an emotionally sensitive, idealistic and loving personality. You possess an ethereal quality, and are likely to be imaginative or even to withdraw from the world into internal fantasies of your own. You may have powerful psychic abilities. You are the softhearted type, and you are perhaps even too willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. You were probably strongly influenced by your home life, and may tend to idealize these formative experiences. You could have issues with self-deception or experience discontent with the practical realities of life for the urge within you to seek the highest ideal is very strong. Your home is important to you, and you may change residences frequently in search of your ideal environment, or dream of the ideal romantic attachment without ever finding the perfect mate. You benefit from striving for greater self-control in holding back your emotions, as well as clarity in applying your high ideals to the real world of logic and fact.

Mercury in weak square with Midheaven
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This aspect gives a mentally active personality, who is very involved in mental pursuits. You are a good communicator, and a gifted thinker and organizer, who can use these abilities in your professional life to great advantage. You also like variety, and may be changeable and somewhat unstable in the pursuit of your goals. You may also have great ego-investment in your mental abilities, and benefit from an attempt to cultivate humility in your dealings with others.

Venus in weak conjunction with Uranus
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives an individual who is independent and original in the expression of social activities and in relationships. You are enthusiastic socially and are attracted to the stimulation and excitement of new contacts. You may also be quite unpredictable at times, making it hard for others to get along with you. You are likely to have difficulty, for example, in settling down with one person in a romantic partnership. You may appear to be immature, or self-centered, or lacking in interest in the other person's welfare, although you are also highly idealistic and humane in your outlook. You are unconventional in your attitudes and occupy yourself with multiple interests and explorations. You can benefit from attempting to bring a steady and consistent focus to your many interests and activities, and from recognizing your need for freedom and making space for that need in relationship with others.

Mars in weak square with Jupiter
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This aspect gives a personality with issues of self-esteem. There is a feeling of expansiveness about you, and abundant energy, but you may bring too much egotism to your encounters with others, especially if there are other challenging aspects to Mars. You have an optimistic nature, and you may therefore have a tendency to push it and take chances or to gamble. You are independent, restless and impulsive, and perhaps need to beware of rash decisions. It is also quite possible that you will seek a literary or artistic outlet for your abundant and restless energy.

Saturn in weak square with Neptune
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This combination gives a clear thinking and discriminating personality. Saturn brings an extremely practical dimension to the visionary idealism of Neptune. You are responsible, compassionate and take social issues very seriously. You may have a musical career or achieve much in the helping professions. There may be confusion in your life regarding restrictions imposed upon you, in which you feel both attracted to the security imposed by such limits, and simultaneously repelled or stifled by these restrictions. You may suffer through many trials before learning to work with both the energies of stability and of idealism in an effort to balance between either extreme of behavior.

Uranus in weak opposition with Chiron
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

With this aspect, you are prone to sudden insights and departures. You have a unusual combination of personality traits in which you are both very unconventional yet also somewhat unsure of yourself in your very departure from the rest of society, so that you may surprisingly show flashes of a conservative side. You have a brilliant mind, and are undoubtedly a witty conversationalist, although with a slightly erratic tendency to switch topics arbitrarily. This aspect is the hallmark of an inventor or other type of creative thinker, perhaps in the health fields or the helping professions. You are likely to have great difficulties with walking the straight and narrow but something seems to be forcing you to. Or it is a compulsion based on your own painful experiences with authority. It is important to become more conscious of your hidden motivations and patterns, so as not to be ruled by them from below, as it were.

Pluto in weak square with Midheaven
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This combination gives a forceful personality with a strong and difficult focus on issues of authority, power and control. There may in fact be a compulsion for control manifesting in problems with interpersonal relations or in rebellious attitudes toward established authority, or perhaps in the charismatic personal magnetism of the born leader. You tend to seek to be in a position of authority. There are however likely to be problems inherent in maintaining a position of authority, once achieved. What is needed is a reevaluation and transformation of the urge for power and control, based on a deeper understanding of personal power and a more conscious and socially responsible use of it.

The point in the sky of the Eastern horizon. In the chart, the Ascendant is represented by the horizontal line at the left hand side of the chart which crosses between the Twelfth and First Houses. The sign on the Ascendant is also referred to as the Rising Sign.
When the relative positions of two planets in the horoscope form a significant angle with each other, they are said to be in aspect with one another. The type and quality of the aspect is determined by the number of degrees between the two planets and is only considered significant if it is within a narrow range of degrees, or orb. A list of the aspects used in this report is given below.
  • Conjunction — 0 8 degrees
  • Opposition — 180 8 degrees
  • Trine — 120 8 degrees
  • Square — 90 8 degrees
  • Sextile — 60 6 degrees
  • Inconjunct — 150 4 degrees
Chart Comparison
An astrological technique in which the planets of two individuals are shown in a bi-wheel chart, one within the other. This allows the inter-aspects between the two charts to be examined.
Composite Chart
An astrological technique in which the midpoints of two individuals' planetary positions are used to create a third chart, the composite chart, which is then interpreted as the chart of the relationship itself as an independent entity.
Originally horoscope referred to the astrological chart itself, but is now popularly used to refer to the description of how current planetary positions are affecting you personally, as in "your monthly horoscope."
The point in the sky directly overhead relative to the position on Earth. In the chart, the Midheaven is represented by the vertical line at the top of the chart between the Ninth and Tenth Houses.
From Latin, meaning of or pertaining to birth; therefore your birth chart, or planetary positions at birth.
The Lunar Nodes are the two points where the Moon's orbital path crosses the plane of the ecliptic (the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun). Symbolically they represent talents and life path, or destiny.
In astrology, the word planets is used to describe astrologically significant points in the sky which includes the Sun and Moon, as well as many objects that are not currently astronomically defined as planets such as Chiron and Pluto.
Aspects formed between the current positions of the planets and the positions of your natal planets at the time and place you were born.

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