Natal Report for Cherilyn Lively Feguson

Aug 11, 1957, 03:47 CST

Fort Worth, Texas (32N43, 97W19)

Interpretation text by Henry Seltzer

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Your natal horoscope, or birth chart, is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment you were born. It shows what the sky actually looked like at the time and place of your birth. Astrology in modern times has renewed the ancient discovery that the symbolism of the planets that surrounded you at birth describes your character and personality. Planets that were directly overhead at the time and place of your birth are most important, and would appear at the very top of the chart or the Midheaven. Planets that were just rising above the horizon in the East at the time of your birth would appear near the horizontal line at the left hand side of the chart or the Ascendant. If the Sun appears in the top half of the chart, then you were born during daylight hours and have a more outer directed personality. All of these features reflect the factors at play in the Universe at the moment of your birth and are significant indications of the basic qualities and tendencies that continue to make up your personality.

Each planet's relative position in the sky and significant angles that it makes to the other planets, or aspects, are examined in this report. Please keep in mind that you are not limited by these descriptions. Your natal horoscope does not prescribe your fate. The stars incline, they do not compel. Your birth chart shows potentials that you can either struggle to fulfill or deny. The choice is yours. Beneficial aspects, or planetary positions, are areas of life in which you show natural talent and achieve easy success. Challenging aspects, or planetary positions, can become your greatest asset if you can learn to be aware of how that dynamic plays out in your life and the world at large. The strongest and most important features of your chart are described first. For definitions of astrological terms, please refer to the glossary at the end of this report.

Chart Patterns

Fan, focal planet Moon

You have the planetary planet pattern known as the 'fan' shape. All your planets are found within one third of your chart, or 120`, except for a focal planet, or close conjunction of two planets, which tends to focus your energies, and supports you in your daily activities. You will have abilities in the occupied area of the chart, and since your talents are so tightly clustered there, you have enormous potential in this area. The focal point symbolizes where you desire to have your needs met or seek support in achieving your purpose.

The Moon in Aquarius gives a socially minded and progressive personality. You are charming and gracious. You can also be somewhat unstable or erratic in your behavior. You are consistently kind to other people, but you may come across as somewhat cold and distant, because you have a mental rather than an emotional nature. You desire to be an active force for good in the world, and are likely to achieve that lofty aim. You have great originality in your thoughts. You could benefit from spending more time with your emotions.

The Moon in the Eighth House represents an intuitive emotional, sensitive, often psychic, connection with deep-rooted emotional experiences. You are naturally intuitive. You may be interested in knowing about subjects concerning mortality, life after death or other issues concerning death. You may be very psychic or have astral experiences because of your interest in after-life states. You have an innate ability to persevere and concentrate. Your instincts are strong and you can penetrate through deep emotions to perceive other people's motives. You can be emotionally vulnerable, and a have a strong need for security. You strive to experience the depths of your being, and are driven by intense love relationships and affairs. You have a strong urge to protect those you love and you are also likely to be a devoted marriage partner or parent. You may benefit from learning how to be more emotionally detached so that you can use your internal awareness in the world beyond personal interrelations.

T-Square, focal planet Saturn

You have a T-Square in your chart. With this planetary aspect pattern, in which three planets or conjunctions are in square with one another, you have a high degree of motivation and drive. Your energies are most easily and habitually expressed by the energy of the focal point, the middle of the T-Square. You may also compensate for overdoing in the area of life represented by the focal point, by leaning toward the empty pattern element opposite the focal point, seeking to balance your activity. The lesson of this planetary aspect pattern is in learning to use your considerable energy wisely in the pursuit of your true goals. There is great tension represented by the focal planet or planets in your chart, where conflicting parts of your personality attain their focus and peak of energy, and you may observe compulsive behavior in the area of life represented here.

Saturn in the Fifth House (or sign) gives a deepening and concentration, or a blockage, in the capacity for self-expression. There may seem to be a barrier between you and your self-realization, so that your true feelings are denied outlet. Expressing yourself is very important to you, and if you believe yourself to be inadequate in this area, you may feel that you have to try all the harder for recognition. You are likely to be strong-willed and autocratic, and can also appear selfish, or cautious and reserved. Your heart-center may need developing. There may be a sense of a lack of love in your life, and a subconscious desire for acceptance that manifests as rigidity, doubt and insecurity. You may even develop a physical ailment that prevents total participation in life activities. Your lesson is to make contact with your own inner significance by deepening and particularizing the knowledge of who you really are, to discover your true self, and learn to love the person you uncover in the process.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Saturn in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives an educated and philosophically active mentality, with a deepening and a concentration, or a blockage, in the area of higher learning and expansion into new horizons. You are courageous in expressing your opinion, have a keen intuition and make a good teacher. Your early beliefs may be characterized by adhering too strictly to a dogmatic and rigid set of principles, but you grow into a more mature wisdom in your later years. You likely have a need for physical exercise. You make a good teacher, and may also feel a calling to work with the disadvantaged. While open and honest, and intent on expressing your point of view, you may also doubt yourself in this area, seeming indecisive or rebellious. Your goals are mental and spiritual, rather than material, and you may search for a new framework of moral or spiritual values, rather than adopt existing outworn belief systems. Your lesson is to eventually come to the realization that the true source of moral and ethical valuation lies within yourself.

Important Features

Uranus in Leo, in the First House

Uranus in the First House (or sign) gives an individual with an original and eccentric mind, whose intuition is strong. Change and variety excite you. You are a nonconformist, and totally have your own code of ethics. You are constantly asserting your freedom and independence, which is the very breath of life for you. The Uranian energy can be impulsive, as well as insensitive to others' needs, and you can appear to be cold at times, or you may seem to be more excited by ideas than by other people. You may feel unrest and isolation, as though on a separate wavelength from the rest of mankind. Your mutability and urge for constant change can frustrate or confuse those around you. You may also feel uneasy in your sense of self, as you attempt to come to terms with this basic instability. You benefit from learning practices that help balance your energy, and in developing understanding and acceptance that not everyone is as impulsive as you are. You are in your essence a free spirit, courageous and pioneering, whose mission in life is involved with bringing new ideas into being.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Uranus in Leo (or the fifth house) gives a rebellious individual with a strong will. With this placement you tend to be determined to get your own way. You are reckless, original, and independent, and like to assert yourself. You can be very creative, especially in the arts. Whatever form your self-expression takes, it is likely to evoke you and no one else. Your unique viewpoint contributes to the potential for new genres and methods of accomplishment to come into being. Your approach to romance may also be different from the run of the mill. You may find yourself in unconventional in love affairs, perhaps with sudden beginnings or endings. Children are a source of great interest but you may have difficulties in giving them warmth and affection. You benefit from learning the joy that comes from a more heartcentered approach. You also benefit from more follow-through, focus and self-discipline, in order to successfully complete what is started.

Sun in Leo, in the Second House

The Sun represents your will and purpose, your sense of vitality, and your evolving higher Self. In Leo it is Fixed-Fire, and rules the heart and spine. Your ruling planet is the Sun itself, and you are likely to express yourself in dramatic, creative and assertive ways. You are also likely to enjoy the warmth of the physical Sun. You have great energy, courage and honesty. You are likely to be self-confident and maybe even a bit self-indulgent. You expect to be the center of attention, and often are. You can be quite determined and usually get your way when you really want to. You also possess great integrity, and are a natural leader. Leo people are very proud. Your challenge is to temper any tendency for arrogant or egotistical behavior and to instead develop humility and compassion; to learn detachment in the gift of your affections, so that you radiate your abundant energy freely and enhance the life experience of others around you.

The Sun in the Second House represents a concentration of the vital force to obtain sustenance and possess resources. Resources are security for you. You have a strong urge to identify those resources that create safety and comfort for yourself and those closest to you, and a strong sense of what you truly value. Your formidable will power attracts much of what you desire to you. Once you possess something it takes on a special significance for you. You tend to hold onto and value what you have, whether for aesthetic pleasure or monetary wealth. You also love beauty and symbols of beauty. You may perhaps seek to develop personal resources in order to discover your own sense of self-worth. You also may attract influential friends. It is important that you learn how to share your sense of values and valuables with others. You can serve as an example in choosing to demonstrate how to be resourceful and appreciative of what you have and others share with you.

Pluto in Leo, in the Second House

Pluto in the Second House (or sign) gives you tremendous focus around the issue of money and material possessions. With this placement you will transform your attitude toward the material, and your values in general, as you go through life. Finding your own base, independent of cultural norms, is an important theme for you. You may be apt to associate a sense of security with material possessions, or find yourself spending in a compulsive way for no apparent reason. You are a financial powerhouse, but there can be swings of fortune, up and down, as you will likely go through many changes in your attitude toward the material in the course of your life's journey. You may find that you move toward a more connected sense of security as you mature, one that does not stem from feelings of isolation and lack. You can then overcome your tendency to obsess on having enough through self-discipline and a realigning of values. When your values transform, your sense of self no longer depends on physical possessions, but rather on the deeper meaning associated with these things, which are symbolic of love and sharing.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Pluto in Leo (or the fifth house) gives you a tremendous desire to be recognized and admired. You may feel a compulsion toward self-aggrandizement, or have underlying feelings of insecurity leading to self-centered and ego-oriented behavior. You are an essentially dynamic and charismatic individual with a strong need to make an impact on the world around you. You may find much to admire in the acting and artistic professions, and find your own creative outlet there, although you are likely to go through many changes and challenges in putting yourself forward in a way that truly serves as an expression of your highest purpose for yourself. If you have children you may seek to live your life through them, and experience the twists and turns of fate as you come to recognize some of your own unconscious impulses acting themselves out in this regard. Your desire for personal reputation may also be thwarted, but this can lead to benefits for you, by forcing you to re-evaluate your need to achieve. Transformation in this area is quite possible, as you learn how to work with your personal power in more constructive ways. By embodying the more positive form of your creative energy, and thereby expressing your deepest truth, you can perform an important service for yourself and society.

Neptune in Scorpio, in the Fourth House

Neptune in the Fourth House (or sign) gives an emotionally sensitive and loving personality. You have powerful psychic tendencies. You were no doubt strongly influenced by your home life, and may tend to idealize these formative experiences. You may have suffered by being let down in some way by your same-sex parent, or there may have been an unsettled early home life leading to deep-rooted feelings of insecurity. As an adult, you may not be fully at home in your family setting, and may seek a vague and undefined sense of tribal connection with other people in your life, as if to make up for this. Your home is also quite important to you, and you may change residences frequently in search of your ideal environment. You could perhaps suffer a loss of family, or part of your family connection, leading to potentially painful realizations. These realizations may in turn lead you to a more depersonalized and spiritual basis for the concept of family life.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Neptune in Scorpio (or the eighth house) gives an individual with great personal magnetism. You have a subtle intuition and an unusually clear insight into the motivations of others. You also may unconsciously try to control other people, or act in somewhat unreliable ways. You have an ideal of self-sacrifice in partnership with others, and tend to give more than you receive, which can lead in the end to resentment on your part, or just disappearing. Otherworldly affairs may interest you more than everyday ones, and you may be drawn to psychic matters or occult studies. Your dreams are very important to you, and through them you may learn significant information. You are likely to possess an enjoyment of sensual pleasures or luxuries. You may also have some confusion regarding sexuality and with what you truly desire from relationships. You benefit from bringing greater clarity to your personal values, your relation to the material world and to other people.

Sun, Moon, Rising Sign Features

Cancer Rising

The Rising Sign is the mask shown to others, also the physical appearance.

People with Cancer rising are nurturing and protective of other people. Your ruling planet is the Moon, and you tend to be moody, with your emotions constantly changing. You are security-conscious and your home is important to you. The position of the Moon in your chart is very important, and shows the way your personality is likely to develop. If the Moon is well-placed by sign and aspect, life flows easily for you, while stressful aspects or sign placement may reflect difficulties (check the position of the Moon). Cancer people are apt to appear passive, and to rely on their feelings. You are subtle, rather than direct, and are likely to reflect the moods of those around you. You are also good at working with the public. You are likely to be involved with the past in some way, because the sign of Cancer is the sign of nurturing, protecting, sustaining, and is strongly tied to the past, and Karma. You are probably the type who can be happy for hours in an antique store. Cancer people tend to collect the residue of past experience and hold onto it, as a coloration of their present activities, leading to instinctual action. You can benefit from shedding the light of conscious reason on your habitual patterns, and focusing on your true goals.

Moon in inconjunct with Ascendant
The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.

This aspect between the Moon and Ascendant gives a nurturing and protective personality. You are subtle in your actions, rather than direct, and are likely to reflect the moods of those around you. Your sense of security and your home are important to you. You have a habit of moodiness, with your emotions frequently changing, and this can create problems in relating to others. You may feel at a loss to connect with others, not being sure of how they really feel towards you, and yet secretly desiring emotional contact with them. You also tend to act instinctively, rather than after reasoning out the situation. You can therefore benefit from shedding the light of conscious reason on your habitual patterns, and working toward greater focus on your true goals.

Venus in sextile with Ascendant
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

This aspect gives a warm-hearted and affectionate personality. You are likely to be cheerful, charming and popular socially. You may also be very beautiful, particularly at the soul-level. You are also sensitive, with an inclination for artistic pursuits and refined surroundings, and may possess considerable talent for the arts. Relationships are important to you. You are also firmly in contact with what you want and you are likely to be quite successful at getting it. With your poise and charm, this is usually not difficult. In fact, things may be a little too easy for you, and you benefit from the finding the depth of character that varying experience can bring as you go through life.

Neptune in weak square with Ascendant
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This aspect gives a highly sensitive, visionary and creative individual. You are somewhat unworldly. You are likely to be artistic or musical. You are softhearted, and you may be perhaps even too willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. You may have problems in feeling free to assert yourself, or have issues with lack of self-confidence, self-deceptive illusions, or drugs. You may also be dissatisfied with work activities, or evade decisions, or practice other forms of escapism. You may have issues with deceptions practiced on you by other people. The development of a clearer sense of self is required. The otherworldly energy of Neptune must be used wisely. When the proper outlet is found, tremendous creativity is possible, perhaps manifested through artistic channels: music, drama, poetry. Your lesson may be to achieve a balance between the spiritual dimension of reality and ordinary life.

Sun in opposition with Chiron
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

With this aspect between Sun and Chiron you are likely to experience painful realizations throughout your own life and also have the ability to heal others as well. Chiron is called "the wounded healer" because it represents the archetype of imperfection and loss which when integrated leads to compassion and understanding of others' suffering. The empathy and the understanding that are gained through life's trials provide the ability to serve as a helper and a healer for others. You are more invested in this archetype than most, since it is in a powerful connection with your Sun, representing your conscious self. You have undoubtedly experienced pain and frustration related to your self-concept, perhaps through your relationship with your father or the same-sex parent. There could have been trauma in your early years concerning your parenting or the parental protection that may have been withdrawn too suddenly or misapplied. You may have suffered actual abuse in childhood or perhaps in later years such as in the period of adolescence, when you needed to make the transition to your own adulthood and may have been prevented from fully emerging into a more responsible and complete state due to external circumstances or your own lack or self-confidence. Since you have come through the fires of difficulty you are likely to be someone with career possibilities in the helping professions. It is often easier to face others' troubles than one's own, and you may even be more ready and available to help others than to help yourself. It is good to integrate your past experiences, no matter how painful they may have been, and no matter how painful these feelings continue to be for you in adult life. Then you will be in a position to truly sympathize with others' suffering and help them to work out their traumas as well.

Moon in strong trine with Neptune
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

This aspect gives an emotionally sensitive, idealistic and loving personality. You possess an ethereal quality, and are a lover of music and the arts. You have the potential for powerful psychic abilities. You are the softhearted type, and you may be too willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. You were probably strongly influenced by your home life, and may tend to idealize these formative experiences. You could have issues with self-deception or experience discontent with the practical realities of life. Your home is important to you, and you may change residences frequently in search of your ideal environment, or dream of the ideal romantic attachment without ever finding the perfect mate. You benefit from striving for greater clarity in applying your high ideals to the real world.

Moon in strong opposition with Pluto
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

This aspect gives a moody and introspective personality with a strong desire for emotional security. You are likely to be very sensitive and emotionally intense, with a tendency to become completely absorbed in interpersonal relationships. You are also an extremely forceful individual, with the urge to transform yourself and your surroundings. When you have a goal in mind, nothing will stand in your way. Your need for security may manifest as an almost compulsive desire for a safe and secure home life, or a home environment which can be completely controlled, possibly even through dictatorial behavior. You have an unusually clear insight into the emotional depths of other people, which may border on an actual psychic attunement with their states of being. You also have the urge to break through the limitations of the parental influence you experienced as a child. You may have experienced controlling behavior on the part of one or both parents, especially your mother, and you may find yourself still involved in the battle for your own autonomy many years later. These struggles can be worked through in your life, beginning with a deeper understanding of what it is you truly need on an emotional level. Your challenge is to transform your sense of insecurity, by coming to terms with your survival issues based on a better insight into your own hidden motivations.

Moon in opposition with Mars
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

This aspect gives an individual who is easily influenced by emotional conditions. You can be a deep thinker, but you may be intolerant of opinions other than your own. You may appear selfish and demanding at times. You may suffer from a sort of nervous tension, in that you are unsatisfied when you are not in action. You also have a rebellious streak that affects your close personal relationships. You are an analytical and independent thinker with an original, active and even brilliant mind.

Moon in inconjunct with Jupiter
The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.

This aspect gives an optimistic and kindly personality. You are tolerant of others, and enjoy good company as well as good food. You are likely to be fortunate in finances, and attract material rewards without seeming to try for them. You are usually able to spend money as fast as you get it, so you don't usually pile up riches. You should beware of a tendency to over-indulge.

Other Natal Planets

Mercury in Virgo, in the Third House

Mercury in Virgo gives an analytical and practical mentality, with great powers of logic and reason. Other people find you dependable and know that they can rely on your thought process. Your common sense is strong, and you tend to think things through. You reason well, and speak clearly and honestly, although you can also be intolerant, or may speak critically about people who do not measure up to your standards. You are at times almost too analytical, tending to see everything in terms of categories. Your attention to detail may prevent you from focusing on the larger picture. You are quick to learn but you may need to work to develop your concentration and your retention of the knowledge you have gained. It also benefits you to zoom out once in a while, and take in the bigger picture.

Mercury in the Third House represents a strong mentality with an innate awareness of intellectual matters. You possess a keen, alert and expressive mind. You love variety in your life, and have great versatility along with a capacity to take up many different skills. You constantly perceive the world around you, and everything your awareness touches becomes a field for your intellectual attainment. Your approach to mental pursuits is abstract, rather than practical, and also may be surface-oriented rather than deep and philosophical. You may appear restless or high-strung. You excel at written communication, and you also speak rapidly and well, and enjoy conversation with many different types of people. The world of information and information-exchange affords you endless pleasure. An inveterate generalist, you profit from narrowing your focus and concentrating on a particular area. It also benefits you to you cultivate periods of inner stillness.

Venus in Virgo, in the Third House

Venus in Virgo gives a personality with careful judgment regarding relationships, and restricted in the expression of their passions. Your relationship energy toward others may be stifled in some way by mental considerations. You enjoy service to other people, and make a good friend. You are likely to be fastidious regarding what you like. You perhaps may delay marriage while searching for the perfect mate, since you have a tendency to look before you leap in matters of the heart. You can wind up looking too long and missing the boat altogether, so that you could set yourself up for being disappointed in love. You require tangible commitments from your partners, and exhibit propriety in the expression of your emotion. Your emotional responses may be conventional, rather than free and easy, so that you benefit from striving for a more open attitude.

Venus in the Third House represents a higher-purpose connection within you between artistic sensibility and communication. With this placement, musical talent or writing ability is definitely indicated. You are a gifted speech artist with a charming and lively manner. With your love of most things social, you are likely to be an entertaining and enjoyable companion. You like to talk about what interests you, and what interests you is almost everything. You have the capacity to see a higher purpose in the exchange of ideas. You combine your talent for seeing the aesthetic content of everyday life with an interest in mental recreation, giving you the skills to pursue a variety of interests, including computer graphics, music or writing of any kind, or perhaps environmental law. You function at your best when you connect your talents with a spiritual or philosophical quest for the greater good of society.

Mars in Virgo, in the Second House

Mars in the Second House (or sign) gives a persistent and patient nature. You can be extremely stubborn. You can also be jealous and possessive. You value money and other forms of security. You possess an enthusiasm for the pursuit of sensual pleasures. You are likely to be an ardent and loyal lover. You enjoy the good things of life. You may find that you have a desire for luxuries, but lack the conservative attitude toward finances that would help to secure them. If Mars is afflicted in your chart by planetary aspect, you may need to work through pride and acquisitiveness in your nature, or there could be problems with possessiveness, or even resentments towards others. You have an artistic flair to your nature, and function well in the realm of the material and tangible world, with the stamina required to get what you want out of life. You benefit from cultivating an attitude of sharing.

Mars in Virgo (or the sixth house) gives a kind nature, and an energetic worker, with a tendency to be fussy over details. You possess a tremendous desire to be helpful to others, and have a practical and hard-working orientation that assists you in making good on your intentions. You may however need to evolve through getting into conflicts over trifles. At your best, you have a real focus on the simple issues of life, and of the health of the body temple, and just showing up for what comes, day-to-day, that is essentially good natured and constructive rather than egooriented. You tend to be somewhat narrow in the application of your effort, and may need to learn to learn to start opening up to the bigger picture. It benefits you to take a more relaxed attitude and a wider and more tolerant worldview, rather than getting hung up on the minutiae of a project.

Jupiter in Libra, in the Third House

Jupiter in the Third House (or sign) gives you a charming, talkative, and clever personality. You also tend to be somewhat scattered, with interest in just about anything. You are fond of travel, intellectually enthusiastic and make a good teacher. You are optimistic and changeable. Since you see the value of many different pursuits, it may be difficult for you to narrow down, and you may in fact lose opportunities through lack of an ability to focus. You may speak too quickly, before you have thought a matter through, and benefit from learning to hold off and keep your own council. You should beware of a tendency to superficiality or self-centeredness.

Jupiter in Libra (or the seventh house) gives you a refined and idealistic nature. You are easily influenced by others, and may have great difficulty in making a decision, especially when you start to take into consideration all of the possibilities that suggest themselves to you. You work well with other people, and are known for your fairness. You will always champion both sides of a dispute and make sure that the underdog has his say. You are thoughtful and diplomatic and make a good lawyer. You are also likely to be very social and attractive to others. Other people matter to you in an extraordinary way, which can be both a blessing and a curse. You are a great lover of art and beauty wherever you find it, but you may tend to scatter your focus, and could benefit from more firmly concentrating your energies to serve your own inner motivation.

Chiron in Aquarius, in the Eighth House

Chiron in the Eighth House (or sign) represents issues with one's vital force to transform and to regenerate. With this placement you have a strong compulsion for intimate connection with other people that does not easily find its realization. You are likely to have been wounded in your sexuality in some fashion, possibility through early experiences that may even include abuse, either physical or emotional. As a consequence, being close to other people becomes both desired and painful. You may hold off the prospect of closeness with others with some carefully engineered defenses, such as retreating from expressing your true feelings by means of clever Dylanesque obfuscation, or perhaps by using other people before they have a chance to use you. If you do retreat into cleverness and mental gymnastics rather than risk staying with your actual emotion, you leave these feelings unexpressed, and continue a process of being out of touch not only with the intimate other, but with the deeper part of yourself as well. Your journey of discovery of your true emotions, the poignant and vital basis of your inner life, is ultimately the most important one for you, and provides rich rewards as you begin to consciously experience these inner depths of your being, over a period of time. In this journey you will re-connect to your own long buried emotions, and through this process to others as well. As you begin to find yourself and your power, and are truly able to work with other people, you may be able to provide a sense of hope to them in their own individual journeys as well, through the increased consciousness you have gained.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Chiron in Aquarius (or the Eleventh House) represents issues with one's vital force to belong, to function as part of a group consciousness, and to integrate with the human family. With this placement, you may be vulnerable to losing your personal identity to a group cause or belief system. You are both attracted to membership in groups or social organizations and have somewhat painful realizations surrounding these types of activities. It may be that membership in a group or "in-crowd" was denied you in your youth. It may be that parental influences or the influence of a parental-like authority figure tended to force you in a particular direction that you had no real calling for, perhaps the common ideals of consensus reality, and you were left with the painful decision of which to abandon, your parental guidepost, or your own true self. In time you can come to yourself as you begin placing more importance on creating interpersonal friendships which are true to your actual ideals rather than the common ideals of the collective. It takes time to develop the understanding of who we really are at a deep level. It may be the only worthwhile undertaking. At any rate you are one who is particularly called to work out your own future, to become truly self-determined, independent of the strictures of society. It is possible that you are truly called to become an exemplar of a particular group ideal that is just breaking into the awareness of the world at large; your path may be to quite uniquely go where no (wo)man has gone before. This can be a lonely road, and you may find that it takes many trials and tribulations along the way before you begin to realize your true potential. It is not surprising that someone with such a mission in life might quail before the prospect, and there are undoubtedly great feelings of ambivalence you will have to deal with, especially in your early years, while you are still evolving. The gold at the end of this particular rainbow is worth the effort.

N Node in Scorpio, in the Fourth House

Lunar North Node in the Fourth House (or sign). South Node in the tenth house or sign. This placement gives a strong desire for emotional security. You may feel you are a special person, a person of great achievements, and you may even feel isolated in your singularity, for in the past or in previous lifetimes you spent a great deal of your energy on getting to the top. But as the refrain goes, "It's lonely at the top" and your focus now will be on getting a better sense of who you really are, at the level of your emotional roots. You will find as you advance in your life, that your home life is extremely important to you. Exploring the depths of your being through meditation or some sort of transpersonal process work will also be extremely beneficial. Although you may feel tempted to go out and achieve in the world of career and public life, for which you have a natural affinity, it is in the area of establishing a secure base of operations, and of nurturing your immediate community of friends and family that you find your greatest fulfillment, this time around.

Lunar North Node in Scorpio (or the eighth house). South Node in the second house or sign. This placement gives a focus on personal transformation, and on deeply felt relationship with other people. In the past, or in previous lifetimes, you paid a great deal of attention to ownership of property and material things. You need to gradually let go of these attachments in the course of this lifetime. This may prove difficult for you, especially if you have strong conjunctions between the South Node and other planets. As your life unfolds, you may develop an interest in occult science. Your focus as you mature will be more and more on how you can be helpful to others in your relationships with them, and less and less on status, prestige and the accumulation of riches or physical security. The sexual act itself can become a basis for your security, and therefore transformative as you relate to others in a deeper and more spiritual way. Your evolutionary payoff comes from letting go of the material world in to order to accept the deep and universal connection with others that is the root truth of the social condition, recognizing that, beyond the material world, you are part of a much larger context.

Other Aspects

Mars in strong sextile with Neptune
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

This aspect gives an attractive personality with a strong psychic sensitivity and an inclination to mysticism and the arts. You possess a good understanding of and balance between the practical and the ideal. You have a personal magnetism that can strongly influence other people. You are able to create images in the minds of others. You are very creative, and also very tolerant and understanding. You are likely to be quite sensitive to the needs of others, and may have the talent of a natural healer. You can also be vague regarding your own motivation or fall into periods of discontent with life in the material plane. You can benefit from clarifying your aims, and learning to focus your power and become a channel for its higher use in your life and that of society around you.

Saturn in strong trine with Uranus
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

This aspect gives a practical yet future-oriented personality. You are definitely not a conformer. You have a strong imagination and good conceptual level. When you function at your best you have the capability to bring a concrete and real-world practicality to the intangible and visionary Uranian energy. Your dynamic is to move from knee-jerk reactions either for or against established authority toward establishing your own personal authority, in your own way, in order to make your brilliant visionary impulses available to society at large.

Saturn in strong trine with Midheaven
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

This aspect gives an ambitious and clear-minded individual, with a strong sense of responsibility. You are persistent and thorough, and may be careful or calculating in your dealings with others. You have a deep urge for mastery and achievement, and are likely to find a position of authority and responsibility in your professional life. You are likely to succeed in the affairs of the world through your determination and your drive to achieve.

Uranus in strong trine with Midheaven
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

You are in a subtle way a non-conformist and uniquely gifted individual. This combination gives a brilliant and ambitious person who may be rebellious of authority but who manages to work well within its structure also. You may change jobs frequently, as a result of unconventional attitudes or sudden bursts of new insights. You have a strong imagination and perhaps it is difficult to argue you out of your opinion, which can be unique at times. Your challenge is to move toward establishing your own personal authority, in your own way, and to help make that vision available to society at large.

Neptune in strong sextile with Pluto
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

This combination gives an individual with a personal involvement in the energies of the collective. This is a generational aspect, which many of your contemporaries will share with you. You have a subtle intuition and unusually clear insight into others. The influence of the unconscious is especially strong in you. You need to connect with your higher self in order to be happy. You function at your best in service to the world, helping to move it closer to a vision of spiritual union between all mankind.

Mercury in conjunction with Venus
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This aspect gives a charming manner and an idealistic philosophy. You are friendly and sociable, with a strong leaning toward the artistic and beautiful side of life. You may have marked artistic abilities. You have a youthful attitude, and tend to like young people. You like to dress attractively, although not necessarily expensively, and are for the most part cheerful and optimistic. You are likely to have a pleasant speaking or singing voice, and express yourself well in speech or writing. You also can be extremely persuasive in a quiet way.

Mercury in inconjunct with Chiron
The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.

With this placement you may exhibit difficulties in communication or in how you express your ideas. There may be painful realizations in your background in connection with how you expressed yourself while a youngster. Stuttering is one possible manifestation of this type of influence. You probably experienced a wounding in your earliest exploration with other youngsters, possibly siblings. With this placement you are clever, yet there is blocking and frustration, until you begin to gain more conscious understanding of the ways in which you have been wounded, and also unconsciously wounded others. You also have a sharp and very intuitive mind. When you begin the process of transforming your painful memories into clear pictures with less emotion attached to them, you'll discover healing energy within your own psyche, and for your communication with others as well.

Mars in conjunction with Pluto
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives a personality with a tremendous drive for power and transformation of self. You are strong-willed almost to the point of ruthlessness, and you have enormous energy and endurance at your disposal. You may appear timid or unsure of yourself, since the power urge is commonly repressed, but then there is the potential for sudden bursts of anger due to the repressed emotion finally exploding to the surface. You may also have feelings of insecurity that are compensated for by being overly forceful, acting compulsively or even becoming obsessive about achieving your will. In a more positive manifestation, you can exhibit a dedication to higher ideals and a willingness to be a channel for healing yourself and society. The challenge is movement away from feelings of insecurity and resulting separateness and loneliness, toward a better acceptance of other's needs and opinions in order to generate wholeness, forgiveness towards self and others, and a new and better sense of self-worth.

Sun in weak opposition with Moon
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

This aspect gives a willful and strong-minded individual. There may be two sides to your approach to life, which do not always blend harmoniously: your will and your instinctual self. There is an emotional side to your nature that does not easily integrate with your sense of purpose or will power. You have a high energy level and good intelligence, and are very aware and alert, but you may feel a conflict between your public and private lives or the work you set out to accomplish versus more personal goals. You may have experienced your parents as inharmoniously related to each other and therefore may have a tendency toward argument and conflict in your own interpersonal relationships. There is a creative tension in your relationships, and also internally within your own personality, that may lead you to accomplish much in life, through the path of struggle rather than the path of ease and comfort.

Sun in weak trine with Saturn
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

This aspect gives a deepening and concentration of your self-expression. You can be strong-willed and determined, and can appear selfish, or cautious and reserved. You have a strong desire for recognition. In later years you will probably acquire a firm basis for respect in terms of accomplishments over a lifetime of careful and industrious effort. The lesson for you is to deepen and broaden the knowledge of who you really are at the level of your innermost soul, and to really learn to love the person that you find in this process.

Sun in weak conjunction with Uranus
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives an eccentric and strong-willed individual. You can be determined to get your own way, and you love freedom from conventionality. You may be inclined to recklessness. You have a strong need to rebel against the norm, and you may conflict with others in this area. Because you are unpredictable at times, and your consciousness is always changing, it can be hard for others to be completely comfortable with you. You are an original and independent thinker with an active, scientific mind, futuristic in outlook, and are capable of bringing new ideas into being. You are also inclined to be nervous and impatient, and you may tend to shy away from commitment and responsibility. You can benefit from harnessing your energetic and visionary impulses in order to make these more concretely available in your own life, and in the life of society around you.

Sun in weak conjunction with Pluto
The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

This conjunction gives a willful personality with a focus on being recognized and admired. You like to get your way; you have strong desires, and are single-minded about pursuing them. You also have a powerful urge toward self-transformation, and you may go through many changes in your life. You are not shy about expressing your beliefs, and you may even feel a compulsion toward self-assertion or self-aggrandizement. You also tend to champion the underdog, and react strongly to social injustice. In relationships, you tend to become intensely involved quickly, and stay absorbed in the relationship as long as it lasts. There may be underlying feelings of insecurity leading to your rather self-centered and ego oriented behavior. These feelings must be explored more consciously, or else they will continue to haunt you from beneath your level of awareness. Such an exploration can be incredibly rewarding for you, and should be quite possible, for you have tremendous powers of regeneration and rebirth. When you learn to train your considerable energy on these socially oriented as well as personal goals, you can become a focal point for the transformation of society itself.

Sun in weak trine with Midheaven
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

This aspect gives a strong personality, very involved in work and career. You can be autocratic and may appear selfish, or bent on getting your own way. You have a terrific sense of the positive value of achievement, and will likely go far, but you might need to beware of too much ego-involvement in being on top.

Moon in weak square with Saturn
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You may appear to be rigid, rather letting your emotions flow freely. This aspect gives a deepening and concentrating, or a blockage in the expression of your feelings. You may be extremely sensitive. You may have had problems with the parental care and guidance you received as a child, or you may be fixated on one parent, especially your mother. There may be a sense of over-identification with mother, or possibly an unconscious rejection of her influence. You may have experienced her as rejecting or uncaring -- and this attitude may spill over to the significant women in your life. You may experience difficulties in your relationship to the feminine. In a woman's chart there could be a need to more fully identify with and bring into focus a concept of your own femininity. In a man's chart you may be in relationship to powerful feminine figures, symbolic of the powerful feelings that are denied full expression in your own nature. The lesson for you here is to more fully and deeply understand and value the true roots of your being, leading to a better sense of security and greater self-acceptance.

Mercury in weak square with Saturn
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This aspect gives a profound mentality, deepening and concentrating your mind and your powers of speech and communication. You are shrewd in business, and are adaptable to a variety of professions. Long hours of concentration could produce in you a brilliant scholar, or a star of the legal profession. You may seem to suffer from a variety of nervous disorders, but these could actually be the result of subconscious fears of inadequacy in mental pursuits. You may on the other hand over-compensate for this by making extraordinary efforts. You may also feel a sense of isolation and loneliness in your life. Your lesson is to learn faith and to cultivate a positive attitude toward your mental process, restructuring that process along more personal and less rigid lines.

Mars in weak square with Saturn
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You may be reserved or controlling, and may even appear cruel or manipulating at times. This aspect gives a deepening and concentration, or blockage, in self-confidence and self-expression. The purposeful articulation of your will may be inhibited by subconscious fears, preventing action, and you may appear shy, stiff or awkward, or perhaps self-effacing, or you may overcompensate by attempting to strongly assert yourself, or to seize control of situations. In extreme situations, you may find yourself expressing actual cruelty by the violent imposition of your will or by mental manipulation, or you may experience it from others. In a man's chart there may be symptoms of an exaggerated maleness, such as emotional domination or recklessness. You possess a strong desire for freedom of expression that does not easily find its realization. Your lesson is in striving to overcome your fears of self-expression, and thus come to a better understanding of yourself and others.

Saturn in weak square with Pluto
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This aspect gives a forceful personality with a focus on issues of authority, power and control. You may have the charismatic personal magnetism of a natural leader. It is also possible that occult studies will attract and fascinate you. You may also have a compulsion for control leading to problems with interpersonal relations or demonstrate rebellious attitudes toward established authority. You may seek a position of authority, if for no other reason than to be your own master. There are however likely to be difficulties inherent in maintaining such a stand, once achieved. This can work to your ultimate advantage, since the security of such a position can be a hindrance to necessary growth and transformation. What is needed is a reevaluation and transformation of the urge for power and control, based on a deeper understanding of and more conscious and socially responsible use of personal power.

Uranus in weak square with Neptune
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This aspect gives a future oriented and idealistic individual, very aware of collective energies. This is a generational aspect, which many of your contemporaries will share with you. You may feel a pull to the service of humanity at large. You are likely to be interested in mysticism and the occult. You may also be inclined to nervousness (especially if Uranus makes close aspects to the 'personal' planets in your chart). You may feel some sense of confinement or restriction in the freedom to be who you want to be. Social ideals will strongly affect the expression of your individuality.

Uranus in weak opposition with Chiron
The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

With this aspect, you are prone to sudden insights and departures. You have a unusual combination of personality traits in which you are both very unconventional yet also somewhat unsure of yourself in your very departure from the rest of society, so that you may surprisingly show flashes of a conservative side. You have a brilliant mind, and are undoubtedly a witty conversationalist, although with a slightly erratic tendency to switch topics arbitrarily. This aspect is the hallmark of an inventor or other type of creative thinker, perhaps in the health fields or the helping professions. You are likely to have great difficulties with walking the straight and narrow but something seems to be forcing you to. Or it is a compulsion based on your own painful experiences with authority. It is important to become more conscious of your hidden motivations and patterns, so as not to be ruled by them from below, as it were.

The point in the sky of the Eastern horizon. In the chart, the Ascendant is represented by the horizontal line at the left hand side of the chart which crosses between the Twelfth and First Houses. The sign on the Ascendant is also referred to as the Rising Sign.
When the relative positions of two planets in the horoscope form a significant angle with each other, they are said to be in aspect with one another. The type and quality of the aspect is determined by the number of degrees between the two planets and is only considered significant if it is within a narrow range of degrees, or orb. A list of the aspects used in this report is given below.
  • Conjunction — 0 8 degrees
  • Opposition — 180 8 degrees
  • Trine — 120 8 degrees
  • Square — 90 8 degrees
  • Sextile — 60 6 degrees
  • Inconjunct — 150 4 degrees
Chart Comparison
An astrological technique in which the planets of two individuals are shown in a bi-wheel chart, one within the other. This allows the inter-aspects between the two charts to be examined.
Composite Chart
An astrological technique in which the midpoints of two individuals' planetary positions are used to create a third chart, the composite chart, which is then interpreted as the chart of the relationship itself as an independent entity.
Originally horoscope referred to the astrological chart itself, but is now popularly used to refer to the description of how current planetary positions are affecting you personally, as in "your monthly horoscope."
The point in the sky directly overhead relative to the position on Earth. In the chart, the Midheaven is represented by the vertical line at the top of the chart between the Ninth and Tenth Houses.
From Latin, meaning of or pertaining to birth; therefore your birth chart, or planetary positions at birth.
The Lunar Nodes are the two points where the Moon's orbital path crosses the plane of the ecliptic (the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun). Symbolically they represent talents and life path, or destiny.
In astrology, the word planets is used to describe astrologically significant points in the sky which includes the Sun and Moon, as well as many objects that are not currently astronomically defined as planets such as Chiron and Pluto.
Aspects formed between the current positions of the planets and the positions of your natal planets at the time and place you were born.

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